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Gym Floor Mats Dubai

So you have an extra room, and you want to turn it to a gym, but you don’t know what type of flooring you need. At Matzworld we offer a wide range of gym floor mats perfect for both residential and commercial applications. But the first question most customers have is “What is the best floor for my application?” The truth is, there is no ‘one size fits all’ answer, but don’t worry, we’re going to break it down and help you sort through the details to find your perfect gym floor!” Rubber Tiles Rubber tiles are by far one of the most popular gym flooring options. You can choose between interlocking tiles, which look like puzzle pieces, or straight cut tiles, which look like squares in several thicknesses. You might be asking yourself, “How am I supposed to know what the thicknesses mean?” Great question! Let us break down each thickness to see what they are used for.
• 1/4” or 6mm – Made for basic home gyms and exercise rooms.
• 8mm – Very durable rubber for commercial and home gyms.
• 3/8” - Commonly found in commercial gyms
• 1/2” - Ultra durable rubber designed for extreme “use”.
• 1” - For Olympic lifts, dropping of heavy barbells and residential playgrounds.

Interlocking tiles are by far the easiest to install. Essentially, your floor becomes a giant puzzle and it’s your job to put the pieces together. Interlocking tiles are great over flat subfloors such as concrete or plywood. Straight cut tiles can be installed in various ways. Some straight cut tiles can be installed with dowels (little pegs used to connect them together). This is similar to Ikea furniture. Others may require glue or double sided tape. Straight cut tiles are great over plush carpet or uneven surfaces. Whatever way you choose, your floor will look virtually seamless and very professional.
Rubber Rolls
Rubber rolls are great for easily covering large areas. Available in several thicknesses, all of our rubber rolls are 4' wide with many options that can be custom cut to your desired length. For lateral movement exercises such as P90X or Insanity, rubber rolls are preferred. Lateral movements can move interlocking tiles, which can create a trip hazard working out. And no one wants that. So now that you have chosen rolls for your gym, now you are wondering what thickness will work for you?
Thickness :
• 5mm – Great for high traffic areas, but not recommended for gyms.
• 1/4” - Made for basic home gyms and exercise rooms.
• 8mm – Durable rubber perfect for commercial and home gyms.
• 3/8” - Commonly found in commercial gyms, but great for home gyms as well. Popular with cross fit.
• 1/2” - Ultra durable rubber designed for extreme use. Popular with cross fit.