Electrical Rubber Mat

Electrical Rubber Floor Mat Suppliers in Dubai

The Electrical rubber mats from Matzworld is best for the security from electrical hazards. These electrical rubber floor mats are available in international standards. These electrical rubber mats are non slippery, fire and heat resistant, and can use in any general conditions. Generally the electrical rubber floor mats are used in premises which are under going electrical works or places where electrical generation or distribution happening. These electrical rubber floor mats mats are fluted in plan that empowers the decrease in sound transmission and giving security from high voltage, control transmission rooms and sub-stations. The characteristic of expelling dampness and coarseness from the surface, these rubber mats are additionally appropriate for flexibility flooring conditions and pathways.

Uses and Applications of Electrical Rubber Floor Mats

High Voltage Panels


Generator Rooms

LT & HT Labs

Power Transfer Rooms

Advantages of Electrical Rubber Floor Mats

Fire & Heat Resistant

Can Hold heavy weight

Resistant to chemicals

Easy use and Installation process

Dust and Water Proof

Where You Get Electrical Rubber Mats in UAE

Are you are in search for Electrical rubber mats in UAE? Then you are at the right place. MatzWorld, the leading electrical rubber mat supplier in UAE which providers high quality electrical rubber mats across UAE at the most affordable price. Call Matzworld +971 55 656 3085 for a free quote