5 Simple ways to make your bathroom beautiful

5 Simple ways to make your bathroom beautiful

Not feeling love with your bathroom? The whole makeover will cost you a big amount, so its good to know few simple tricks that needed to make your bathroom more beautiful. Try these easy 5 simple tips to restore your bathroom to a new one.

1.Hangup a Vintage Mirror

Add your bathroom a country style by hanging a vintage style frameless mirror at the top of of wash basin. For a better look try to hang two or three small size mirrors parallely. It will add a classy touch to your bathroom.

2. Display Beautiful Flowers

As simple it sounds, this simple trick will helps you in transforming your bathroom into a new one which last for a long time . A beautiful flower in the entrance space gives an elegant look and gives freshness to your bathroom atmosphere.

3. Display of Artwork

Don’t try to restrict the capability of art work to transform a living room in to a beautiful space, we can also use this magnificent power of artworks to transforming a free space into an elegant atmosphere for our bathrooms also. Try to get some second hand piece of artworks to place in your bathroom and place them in freestanding bath.

4. Paint a feature wall or panelling in a bold shade

If you are tired with a natural scheme, try to add shaded designs to an area of the wall with strong mix of colours. Start with one wall, or if your bathroom already have a paneling, paint it with a brighter colour. This shades create a lovely feel that make your bathroom a luxurious place for relaxing.

5.Match accessories to your colour palette

It’s time to remove your faded and mismatched accessories and clothes from your bathroom. Try to replace all those thrown items with matching with your colour scheme of your bathroom tiles and paints, especially using same coloured bath mats or bathroom mats will be a perfect blend to make your bathroom more beautiful.

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